US Federal Contractor Registration

OEM Partnership Program

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Services

The Pointe Scientific OEM Partnership Program offers many different unique solutions including custom Bulk, Contract Manufacturing, and Private Label products and services. 


Strengthen Market Position

Enter New Markets Faster

Maximize Profitability

Predictable and Lower Costs

Competitive Positioning

Dedicated OEM Support




Our capabilities range from simple private labeling to complete product development, design, validation, and manufacturing. 

  • custom bulk formulations
  • custom packaging options
  • liquid batching and filling
  • process control for each aspect of manufacturing and support
  • flexible delivery schedules
  • change control notification
  • quality assurance program
  • method validation
  • documentation traceability available
  • regulatory expertise and registrations
  • highly specialized R&D personnel
  • technical and application support

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