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autoLDL™ Cholesterol

Catalog #: 15-L7574-96




Format: Liquid
Wavelength: 546 nm
Linearity: 0-550 mg/dl
Expected Values: <130 mg/dl
Storage Temperature: 2-8°C
Reconstituted Stability: Ready to use liquid
Configuration: 3 x 24 mL / 3 x 8 mL
Test/Kit: 480
Disclaimer: Actual test/kit numbers may be lower due to instrument limitation.
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Intended Use
For the direct quantitative determination of low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) in human serum or plasma using the Tokyo Boeki Medisys Inc. Biolis 24i analyzer. For in vitro diagnostic use only.
The autoLDL™ Cholesterol Reagent is a two-part, liquid stable method for directly measuring LDL-C levels in serum or plasma. The method depends on the properties of a unique detergent which eliminates the need for any off-line pre-treatment or centrifugation steps. This detergent (Reagent 1) solubilizes only the non-LDL lipoprotein particles. The cholesterol released is consumed by cholesterol esterase and cholesterol oxidase in a non-color forming reaction. A second detergent (Reagent 2) solubilizes the remaining LDL particles and a chromogenic coupler allows for color formation. The enzyme reaction with LDL-C in the presence of the coupler produces color that is proportional to the amount of LDL cholesterol present in the sample.