Merger of Cytiva and Pall’s Life Sciences Business Now Complete: What It Means for Pharma


Cytiva and Pall’s life sciences business have joined forces under the Cytiva brand, becoming a significant player with 16,000 associates across 40 countries. Emmanuel Ligner, the Danaher group executive, president, and CEO of Cytiva, notes that this union aims to tackle major biotechnology challenges and speed up the development of therapies that benefit patients globally.

At the beginning of the year, Pall’s life sciences division separated to integrate with Cytiva. Its biotech portfolio is now part of Cytiva’s bioprocess business, while the medical portfolio remains a market brand. Pall continues as a Danaher operating company, serving various industrial applications.

New Era of Biotechnology

The biotechnology industry is entering a new phase with the rise of innovative modalities. According to Ligner, there’s a need for a robust partner in this ever-evolving industry. Cytiva aims to be that partner, supporting the entire process from idea to final product with a comprehensive approach. During the COVID pandemic, the importance of reliable local manufacturing and supply security became evident. Cytiva is focusing on these aspects to ensure agility and sustainability.

Integrated Expertise

Cytiva combines extensive product portfolios with unmatched expertise. For example, Pall brings the iCELLis bioreactor system, an automated, single-use fixed bed bioreactor for growing adherent cells in culture. This fits well with Cytiva’s single-use technology for fluid management. Pall is also known for its virus filtration capabilities, addressing a gap in Cytiva’s offerings.

Key Products:

  • iCELLis: Automated single-use bioreactor
  • Allegro: Single-use solutions for fluid management
  • Supor: High-performance filters
  • Kleenpak: Connectors and filter systems
  • Pegasus: Virus removal filters

Innovation and New Modalities

Innovation is at the heart of Cytiva’s mission. The company’s focus includes platform innovation for scalable autologous and allogeneic cell therapies. Ligner highlights mRNA manufacturing as a fast-growing modality, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the acquisition of Precision Nanosystems, Cytiva has enhanced its capabilities in mRNA encapsulation and fluid management.

Digital Transformation

Digitalization plays a critical role in advancing biotechnology. Cytiva is integrating core data with customer process data to create predictive models. This approach aims to improve transparency, save time and money, and accelerate product development.

Digital Solutions:

  • Predictive modeling
  • Data sharing for process optimization
  • Early identification of effective methodologies

Expanding Portfolio

Cytiva’s expanded portfolio now better supports the acceleration of therapeutics from discovery to delivery. The product brands cover a wide range of applications, and the integration strengthens Cytiva’s capabilities.

Notable Product Brands:

  • ÄKTA: Chromatography systems
  • Amersham: Imaging systems
  • Biacore: Surface plasmon resonance technology
  • FlexFactory: Flexible manufacturing solutions
  • Hyclone: Cell culture media products
  • MabSelect: Protein purification products
  • Sefia: End-to-end cell processing
  • Whatman: Laboratory filtration products
  • Xcellerex: Bioreactor systems
  • Xuri: Cell expansion systems

Customer Focus

Cytiva aims to provide comprehensive solutions to customers, from research and development to full-scale manufacturing. Security of supply and local manufacturing are emphasized to support customers globally. By merging with Pall, Cytiva enhances its service offerings, ensuring the same high level of support worldwide.

Leadership and Vision

Emmanuel Ligner leads Cytiva with a vision to innovate and support novel therapeutics. The leadership team focuses on harnessing the combined strengths of Pall and Cytiva to continue leading in biotechnology fields. The integration leverages their expertise to meet the evolving needs of researchers, emerging biotech firms, and large-scale biopharma operations.

Cytiva’s mission is to bring new molecules to market more affordably, improving accessibility to life-changing therapies. This mission drives their continuous innovation and commitment to providing trusted technologies and services. By expanding its portfolio and enhancing digital solutions, Cytiva is well-positioned to support the next generation of biotechnology advancements.

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